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What if Socialism simply means "Shared Ownership"?
Then anything provided via taxation is Socialism.

Public highways & all associated infrastructure.
Police, fire & ambulance emergency services.
Public schools.
Utilities infrastructure - gas, water, electric, telecoms.
Drainage & wastewater/sewage treatment.
Public transportation - bus, rail & local metro services.
Public libraries
National, State & local Parks.
Medidaid, Medicare & the Veterans Affairs Hospitals - (because a huge percentage of the US population could never afford to buy unaided insurance in the current privatised system).
Social Security - (because millions can't afford to pay their way or eat, despite running three jobs.)
Waste & recycling facilities.
.... and of course, the majestic $750 Billion annual fee to provide the world's biggest killing & freedumb delivery service!

Obviously, the haters of Socialism wouldn't be seen dead touching any of these services ....

Stop the Holy See men!
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