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Thanks for your thoughtful reply JJ.

I know what you mean about catholicism but I do find it interesting how our different perspectives have led me to understand that religion was the language through which my OCD was expressed rather than the cause of it.
I meant to tell you Judge that your above comment makes an interesting point. I always wondered with the religious manifestations of some disorders, which came first, the "chicken or the egg"; mental illness or religious beliefs triggering such.

Schizophrenia is a completely different issue of course but I thought you might find it interesting that my secretary who is Catholic had a good friend with schizophrenia. I went with her one lunch hour to visit her friend when he was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit of a University Hospital.

He attended daily religious services, (Mass I believe they still call it) and had been missing for a few days so the priest with the permission of the hospital did let her go visit with his permission. His family was no longer in the picture. He wanted more visitors when he was lucid enough to request that of the staff and he wanted to meet me since we work together so I went.

He had an aide with him that day and the aide told us the reason why (wondered if that violated HIPPA) was because he was having delusions in the form of Catholic delusions. He had been jumping from chair to chair as he believed he was St Michael the Archangel. He had also spoke and "talked to" his guardian angel. It was very interesting to me.

I hope research continues in the area of mental illnesses and someday there will not be such struggles and stigma with mental illness. I know many who have struggled with such.

Hope this finds you well,

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