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It wasn't clear to me that in the "atheist v theist" section of the forum that only certain types of theists were intended to respond. Perhaps, the section should be renamed 'atheist v strawman fundamentalist, american christians'?
I think West491 narrowly-defined the thread as a repository for verses that show Christians that the old testament laws still apply. I was the first to deviate from this by discussing other biblical inconsistencies, so, I am partially to blame for derailing the thread. That, and by carelessly taking the bait to respond to you. My bad. No disrespect intended to Westy or the rest of the forum.

Now, then, if you really wish to discuss why it's obvious that your reading and doctrinal interpretation of Matthew 5:17 is highly dubious within the context of the entire passage, and why West491's original assertion that Old Testament laws still apply to, not just the jews, but Christians, according to the red letter words of Jesus H. Christ himself (and not his wily stooges Peter and Paul), please feel free to start a new thread and I'll be happy to fill you in on all the juicy details.

Oh, fuck. I overwound the toybot.
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