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Frankly, I think atheism turns people into monsters--but that's me. Mind you, I had a look at some of the posts in the General Discussion area, and I must say I think you all make my case. Nevertheless, I'm here to do a lot more listening than talking.

[Penis sizing]

Be that as it may, I'm writing a book on the subject, so I'm interested in what the modern radical atheist is thinking. I think this is the forum in which to find that out.

See ya 'round.

Since I've become an atheist, my horns have almost fully grown out, my fangs are sharper and even my dick has gotten bigger! Atheism does turn people into monsters!

I'm not only radical, but I'm also a tubular, bodacious, awesome, phat and pretty sweet atheist. So stick around and maybe you'll learn something. But because you claim to be a veteran of these debates and are still a theist, I get the impression that you're beyond learning.

Always question all authorities because the authority you don't question is the most dangerous... except me, never question me.
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