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That little old gorilla experiment went and grewed up into a book Think I'll be getting this one

For example: if two things only happen to occur together, there’s an association between them: “Kids who watch more television are more aggressive.” Well, it’s natural to assume that watching more television made them more aggressive. But it could equally go the other way: it could be that kids who are more aggressive are more likely to watch television. Or there could be some third factor that causes both of them: maybe their parents don’t pay much attention to them, so the kids watch TV and go out and are aggressive; you could create an infinite number of explanations. But our minds for some reason like to jump to the causal conclusion. That one must be causing the second one.
I would recommend this book to a certain person on this forum but I know he would just read the blurb on the back and find a penis in it somewhere so I won't bother

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