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[quote=Sinfidel;690658]JerryJohn wrote

Like you, the priests were greedy and selfish, and wanted only grade A1 meat for dinner.


This is pure bullshit and you know it Sinny. Please post intelligently contributing to the topics or refrain from posting.

You are just as greedy and selfish as everyone else has been at one point or another, so suck it up "be a man" and admit it NOW on my thread.

Please take the below statement to your attorney, sign and notarize it take a photo on your phone and post it here for all of us to see,

"I, Sinfidel, AKA Sinny do solemnly declare I too have been greedy and selfish."

Signature_________________________________________ ________

Notary____________________________________________ ________

Otherwise, get off this freaking thread of mine and quit clogging my reading time up with nonsense.

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