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The babble is a collection of texts written over a period of 1,500 years by 40 authors and not a cohesive text of itself, which is why there are many conflicts. Prior to the council of Nicea in 325 AD, the babble did not exist. All that existed were a number of texts. Of the texts, some were considered to be holy by some but not by others. Before 325 AD various people threatened to create a babble and it was only as a result that the council was held to determine which texts were to be considered holy and would therefore be included in the babble and which weren't.

Why were the text written in the first place?

That goes back to those times when science didn't exist and when Man had no concept of how his environment worked. In those times, he created gods and assigned 'tasks' to them such as the creation of the wind and the tide. In this way, he explained his environment. Myths and legends naturally grew up around the gods. This gave them 'substance' and allowed people to better and more easily relate to them.

Man easily accepted all this because a) He is naturally superstitious and b) Because it provided the reason that he sought for why the environment was the way it was.

Some people then realised that they could leverage the gods. They could be used to acquire power by controlling the masses and, by relieving them of their goods and chattels, acquire wealth. As each new civilisation emerged, a new set of gods emerged with them together with a group who exploited the civilisation's belief in gods.

chistardology was only one of many belief systems to have emerged since Man began to walk the Earth.

Why was christardology so successful?

It was a monotheistic belief system. Many of its predecessors wasn't. In this way, it was easier to exploit the masses. It was also backed by a powerful Roman civilisation who ensured its spread throughout their kingdom. However, just like all other religions, it was still bull shit.

So, back to christardology. Why did it happen?

It happened because some people realised that it was a means to control and exploit the masses. Bottom line, this is what ALL religions are about, regardless of whether the poor fuckers who believe realise or not.

Where's the proof?

Look at how rich christard churches are and how much they control the lives of their believers. The kat licker church is the richest entity on the planet. The church of England owns 120,000 acres in the rural parts of the UK alone. This does not include the inner city land that it owns.

Every religion has a holy book. It is used as a source to legitimise the religion. The babble is the christard holy book and used to legitimise christardology. However, it's still a piece of shit, just like all the other holy books.

piss pads doesn't realise any of this because she is a brain washed moron who knows less than fuck all about her own religion because she's been brain washed into believing horse shit and not investigating her own religion.
The "many conflicts" show it is indeed a true text written by various authors.
If it all "fit together" perfectly then it would be of course a fraud.

THINK THINK THINK....or is your brain fried from too much drug abuse?


PS I always appreciate the readers and posters on my thread but could you work on brevity? You are getting redundant and it's boring me to death all the lengthy wordy posts. Thanks.
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