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To write things down because they are true is no motivation whatsoever. There's no benefit from this alone.

Back in the day when the various texts, which comprise the babble, were written, writing materials such as pens, ink and the writing medium (vellum, papyrus etc.), weren't cheap. Writing skills were't in abundant supply either. So, creating texts was a time consuming and expensive process. To engage in such tasks would require pay back. Truth is no pay back at all. Power and wealth are.
Nor were reading skills. So the wealthy and powerful were trying to dupe other wealthy and powerful? NOPE.

The Bible IS true and God used those who COULD write to write down this message down as time went by. The Gospel is spread by preaching and hearing. You need not know how to read or write to hear about the love of God and Jesus as Savior for sins of the world and his resurrection for everlasting life in heaven for those who repent or HELL for those who mock, scorn and deny him who have heard the Gospel message preached oh, ye of little faith, Cupcake.

REPENT of your sins Cupcake, and be free from the SHAME that binds you. This requires you to give up perverse sexual practices and to choose a life of chastity unless you marry someone of the opposite sex.

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