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Most sane people, if they are being honest, are afraid of dying. It's not what's on the other side that is a concern because, deep down, we all know that there is nothing. What they are afraid of is the pain. A friend of mine recently told me about their brother dying and the pain he was in. My friend said that they would have shot their brother just before the end, just to spare them the pain.

piss pads claims to love her god and believe in heaven and that it is a fantastic place and far better than this one. Yet, I don't see that piss pads is in any hurry to get there. This can also be said of her christard comrades. Odd, don't you think? All christards want to be with lard ass and zombie boy and yet, when the chips are down, they seem non too keen to be with them. Of course, they'll come up with some bull shit explanation for this but, bottom line is, we and they know that it is bull shit.

piss pads claims that she's not afraid of dying. This is bull shit. She is and most sane people are.

That's another function of christardology. It weaves the bull shit that supposedly helps us cope with dying. In other words, it's a coping mechanism for the unintelligent. However, there's a price to pay which christards, being thick, are oblivious to. Because of their stupid belief in a better life beyond the grave, they fail to make the best of the only life they are guaranteed of. They waste too much of it praying to their fictitious lard ass and zombie boy and too much of it wondering what lard ass would think if they did X.

JFDI, christards. JFDI.
Holy Shit,
What's with all the fucking wordy posts? Brevity is your friend.

Just because you are shivering in your boots afraid to death to die doesn't mean everyone is. I certainly am not. It's a "win/win" situation for me. I live this glorious life, God has given me or die and am with my Savior in heaven forever, in perfect bliss where there are no more tears/sorrow etch.

The reason YOU ARE, is because you have no belief in everlasting life.

Chicken shit.

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