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Unfortunately, christards aren't much of a challenge because they are as weak as piss when it comes to presenting a logical argument. Sadly, they don't know much about christardology either. As such, they are easily beaten. It's a pity really because I do love a good debate. Sadly, christards can't hold a good debate. Useless fuckers. Still, some of them do serve as chew sticks.

You are so fucked up that Christians are avoiding you like the plague. You remind me of some bullied kid now trying to be "twat Christians" to make up for your low self esteem.

Your esteem should come from God's love for you as his chosen child of God. Your response should be to repent and believe in Christ's sacrifice for YOU as well on the Cross. By his cross and resurrection he has set us free from sin and is the Savior of the World.

Instead you walk around making an ass out of yourself. Luckily for you, these are Christians so they are praying for you instead of calling the police and have you taken yet again to the psychiatric unit.

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