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It can be seen right away that “and” is more inclusive than “or”. More like a maybe. An odd valued logic has maybe as it’s central premise but is useless when it comes to hammering out reason traditionally. Yes/no is even and has no maybe; it’s the excluded middle and seems to be reserved for fact not speculation, the function “or” has this yes/no attribute. The function checks to see if the bits are different,whereas the “and” function checks to see if they are the same. Logical and/or may seem a little different than it’s uses in common day life. “And” is like the list that holds everything that or writes ; the carrier and modulator in sound synthesis. And they are wired somewhat differently in electronics to perform the hardware version of logical and/or. they seem to come along with and maybe before yes,no and maybe.

No goes with anything. By far the word we are most familiar with by the time we go to school is the word no. For example,
“I’d do anything for another cookie.”
Another more sinister voice says,
The first voice says, frightened:

We play games with negation, so necessary for paradox.”To be or not to be.”And having known four people who committed suicide, I’d have to say that the not function ought not to get out of hand. Nor should the yes function. That leaves maybe, and the functions “and” and “or”.
been “linear A” or “linear B”, either of these ancient uncrackable language codes that did not have an “and”. The third element was somehow the combination of the previous two elements. This would severely limit what could be said. These languages have not been deciphered yet but are believed to have been used/developed by women on a mediterranian island.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence relies on the fact that any intelligent language will contain repetition, for example the word and will appear many times and is evidence of intelligence at work in the code.
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