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I don't tend to garner my opinions from partisan, propaganda blogs.

As far as the actual issue being commented on, you and they are making something big out of nothing, obviously looking for any tiny and obscure leverage to gain potential supporters for a certain side. It is not a non disclosure agreement but a clause about the conditions for disclosure as the Australian's clumsily pointed out. A proper and conscientious journalist asks for clarification when confused messages like this emitted not opportunistically apply shady motives which seek to further a cause. A multi-national panel to releasing findings without consensus would obviously muddy the waters of an already complex and murky series of events. How would a bunch off disparate countries squabbling about the cause of the disaster on the international stage help matters and contribute to resolving the crisis? I suppose we should all be pleased you don't work in international relations.

As far as the rest of your frothy rant, what causes you to make all these bizarre assumptions on how I form my opinions based on one small comment. You don't know anything about my views on all those historical events raised. Put simply you are plain wrong, I always weigh both sides of any argument and my views are by no means "mainstream". So maybe it's time to wipe the foam from your lips and pull your fucking head in.

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