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Out of the many hundreds of believers I've talked to one-on-one, I've known perhaps 2 or 3 dozen who were capable of something approaching rational discussion. But I gotta say if you don't have some believers trying to preach at you, most atheist forums aren't near as interesting! How many post regularly here?

I am not such an evangelical atheist that I seek out believers' forums just to argue with them. But you can't have good religious arguments without believers, dang it.

When I started posting to bulletin boards back in '92 or thereabouts, any frankly atheist board was aswarm with believers trying to save your soul, or damn you to hell. In those days many boards had private forums with only atheists allowed, just so you could get away from the buggers!

Over time, our arguments proved to be the stronger, in this print medium where emotional tactics were less effective, and logic and rationality have the advantage. We started seeing believers de-converting, while it was bloody rare to see any atheist become religious. When preached at, we preached back- and our sermons were more effective!

And so we see fewer and fewer believers willing to come beard us heathens in our own dens and places. And it's all too common for believers to ban atheists who come to their own boards with considerable prejudice, even if we're nice as pie, and try to argue in totally civil ways.
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