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Do you not think it's a step forward that many of the previous risque discussions, held in fear, in semi-private, behind virtual doors, can now be held in open forum involving non-anonymous people?

.... but *sigh* - yes I still enjoy an secretly abusive prod at the passing christard and goat felching jizzlamer in this splendid little cyber-pub. ..... and no, I won't be signing up for Secular Coffee Bar
There was something amiss at the secular coffee cup. My sojourn there ended with a thread on priestly celibacy, when I had the audacity to claim many were liars. If not sexually active, then there was masturbation or release via wet dreams or nocturnal emission. After all, the desire to reproduce is not exactly designed to be easily ignored. One participant, who claimed to be asexual, twisted my postings into a claim that applied to all who claimed celibacy, not just priests, and he repeatedly called me a bigot. When I complained to the moderator of the particular sub-forum, guess whose side he took, being a (former?) Catholic clergy. Never mind the Forum rules.
Outraged, I left in a flurry of F.U. posts. Never been back. Secular? - methinks not.
When I came to realize I wasn't the only one in the world, I assumed atheists in general would be a cut above the herd in intelligence, since they had the critical thinking skills to see through the scam. Hah! A lot of time wasted on numerous discussion boards has revealed that atheists are just another cross section of the herd, and there is no shortage of atheist bullies, control freaks, and trolls.
Look what happened to the O'Hair family. And then there are the religiocons masquerading as atheists. My suspicion is that a lot of seminarians use atheist boards as training facilities.
Why is the level of debate declining? Because the Holy books and their promoters have nothing new to present, just the same tired old bronze age goat herder bullcrap that's already been debunked a zillion times. How long does it take before that gets boring? Oh, I forgot, the 99% who can't remember back past their last trip to the beer store enjoy those sermons, just like the 17th rerun of Archie Bunker.

Use foolproof airtight logic on a mind that's closed and you're dead. - William J. Reilly, Opening Closed Minds
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