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You only have one thing to say that is worth responding to. Which is where you say it is my job to provide stastics. You got that wrong. I provided you with the stastics. What you want me to do is provide you with my sources. But I have better things to do. I could care less if you believe me or not. If you're too lazy to go to your browser and enter something like "Disease prevlance by race" and read what comes up, that's your problem. Though sometimes different websites say different things. On one website it said that negroes were 9 times more likely to carry Chlamydia than Whites. On another, they said that negroes were 15 times more likely to carry it. I chose to go with the 15. But it could be wrong. It could even be higher. Though one thing you can believe that I have no reason to lie to imbeciles.
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