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Hey there, I took a fancy to your thread as you announced you are an atheist since 1970, well it is a shame we were not classmates cos that is about the time I also became a militant atheist and incurred the wrath of the entire teaching staff and most of my classmates to boot. However later on I found some friends who were sympathetic to my theories but too scared to come out of the closet and face the wrath of the god squad. In my last year of school we had the gideons visit on a saturday morning of all things and after listening to several hours of interminable bullshit we were all presented with a free giteons bible. Well so what you might think, who gives a shit. Well the interesting thing is that the schoolyard was littered with torn up bibles and ripped out pages. This was in the late 80's and a real surprise for me as it showed I was not alone after all...
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