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Indeed. Even I bow to my own greatness at times.

That said, I'd rather atheists didn't believe in just God. God, as the Substance, or even as the Divine Mind, is philosophically logical, but is not what saves us. We can't even understand that God in any way that would facilitate a relationship. I honestly believe that God must be seen through the WORD. And by that, I don't mean the bible, per se, but rather the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

I've met Christians who are worse off than atheists. They think their darkness is light. They attend church, they do the sacraments, they follow the rules, and they have no inkling in their mind at all of what Jesus really means, or what the voice of the Holy Spirit sounds like. They are dead without hope because they mistakenly think they're alive.

Atheists think they are philosophical zombies. All you have to do is convince them that they're not and they immediately convert. Usually with great fervor.
Well said.

I have wondered, even though is opposition to the position of the Church, whether it matters more (with regards to salvation) that a follower believes in the "teachings of Jesus" - more so than the status of Jesus (or God).

An atheist can certainly believe in the Teachings of Jesus.

Davin and Smelly in particular, while seeming a bit unfriendly in their posts at time, have argued sentimentally for the brotherhood of man - a Christian position.
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