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Appropriate use of quotation marks, Hertz. I saw him getting his arse kicked on his website by The Judge. He should stay away from this stuff and stick to being a registered nurse and taking care of people in hospital. WAIT! What am I saying?!!!
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Cheers guys

Lol, it is a constant source of amazement and intrigue to me just how many nurses and doctors claim some sort of religious affiliation. I suspect medical education may have become less scientific
Or maybe it's observation. I think some people are less equipped to understand other people in an empathic way. There is something about understanding and empathy that creates a sense of oneness with whatever the object of that empathy and understanding is. That experience tends to cause one to sense the Divine and to sense a transcendence of consciousness.

Some people are less equipped to experience that for whatever reason. Apparently, God needs lower humans to work the material world.

Both the religious and the atheists are the same in many respects. The last big battle I had over at Christian Forums was with a Christian who has never once heard the voice of God except what he reads in the bible. He follows the Church; that's it. The atheist, if they are educated, follows academia; that's it. Both are the same creature.

I call it--and you'll like this--refractory atheism. It's in the religious and the atheist. And the only reason people like you are in groups like this is for the hope that someone like me will come along and spiritually defibrilate you. And I'll be honest: I don't know if I can.

But the least you could do is not disparage your colleagues and the majority of nurses in the world. It could be that they have "parts" that are simply missing in you.

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