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Just a few questions if I might:

1. You claim that I have been a member of this forum for years. This is in spite of me proving otherwise and you having the ability to verify my claim. Are you still of this opinion? If so, what is your proof? If not, do you think an apology is in order?

2. You claim that there is consciousness without a brain and use the behaviour of paramecium, which has no brain, as proof. If a person's brain dies, does that person retain consciousness? If not, why is this? If so, how is this?

3. Where, in your opinion, does this consciousness in an entity reside?

4. What is the nature of consciousness?

5. Does consciousness refer to 'information' current and/or past?

6. If 'information' is referred to, how is the information stored and accessed or is information just transient?

7. If 'information' is referred to, what type of information is it?

8. Have you ever thought that ESP may be involved? My apologies for using a TLA here.

9. Is consciousness absolute and fixed or are there degrees of consciousness? For example, does a human have a higher level of consciousness than say Hydra, for example?

10. If so, what determines the level of consciousness in any given entity?

11. Does the level of consciousness vary between individual members of a species?

12. What is the purpose of consciousness?

13. Is consciousness a single 'entity' or does it consist of components?

14. If so what are the components and what are the natures of those components?

I think that this will do for the moment. I look forward to reading the answers.
Seriously, do you think I'm going to write you a book. Idiot.

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