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hertz vanrental wrote View Post

You are, sure as hell, swearing a fuckin' whole lot more when you respond to egor's posts now.

I just cut to the chase with the cunt and swore right from the get go. It saved a whole lot of fuckin' shit, y'know. There again, I'm just an antisocial twat.

It's been interesting watching how he kind of stirs a primeval emotion in people.

He kind of tries to drag people down to his level - a bit like the way a croc does - and then beats them on experience.

Personally, I think that he's bat crap crazy and treat him accordingly. I try and stay above his level. That way, he's at a disadvantage. If he gets you to talk at his level, he's gonna frustrate the hell outa ya.

Just some observations on the bat crap crazy one.

Then again, what the fuck do I know.
Fair point Hertz, cheers.
Just never had anyone question what I do for a living before. I worked fucking hard to become a doctor and I care a lot about what I do as well as schooling fuckwits.

After this slight, I'm now done with Egor. He can go fuck himself. He never wanted to listen to the truth anyway.

Invisibility and nothingness look an awful lot alike.
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