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I have found the King of Shit Science. This guy has advanced beyond - way beyond - what could be considered Normal Shit Science. Here's a quote from his blog, Scientific Strings:

Rocket launches is vertical force a bubbled debulging spherical displacemental cycular bubble that bends the atmopsherical dimmensional system from grounding reactors perpindicular degrees of forcing the spherical visual around symetrical ight bending from center of gravitational attracting the turbulances of forces buble hydroscopic of parranormal realities from the Earths surfaces we see the directvertical of passages butt the inner spherical directing horizontals the spherical directional systems from a direct system of displacemental energies mass collect to the gravities edge untill passing the spherical Solar hydro synthesis around solar disiminaries equating the outer dimmensional forces bubbles path to horizontal mass collecting of Earths gravitational forces to burn the fueling molecules to reform universal flowing solar displacemental degrees lefting a dimmensional seminaries of intrigal disciples of energetic fueling the suns heat exchanging created by heated molecules when the temperature begin to reheat beyond the hyper resistances to cold defusioning reactive solar systems cirles of formulas to the rotation of Earths horizons equating a desolvi9ng degrees of helium symptoms by turbulance incremental spherical bubbles transforms the horizontal travel path inner is protected by the dimmensional hell cellular degrees leaving the helium transmutting chemicals outer realities of paths corridors equating a purity of osmic systems transmitting the oxygen into dimmensional relief. of healthy anti gravity.

Yes, it's one sentence. No, it doesn't make any sense.

Can anyone make sense of this psycho?

"Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor." - Justin's Dad
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