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Reader says sex ed won’t protect kids

Posted on September 4, 2018 in Letters

Dear Editor,

We have killed God. We kicked the Bible out of classrooms. We banned prayer.

In order to be tolerant to all we became intolerant to the one. We are told faith is a private matter, not to be exercized publicly, while people can openly express their sexuality in public.

Kids are told, “you’re born, you live, you die, the end.” Even without God, we still seek meaning. Some try to find it in education, others material goods. Others try to find it in human relationships, thinking sex will bring fulfillment. It does not.

Our kids are told it’s ok to have sex, not knowing some get HIV; some get pregnant; some have abortions; and some have their bodies mutilated in a fashion where the operation can never be reversed, to a lifetime of regret. There is still an emptiness.

Our new sex ed curriculum promises to protect our children. It will not. Our kids are not adults. You are robbing them of their childhood. You can teach them tolerance and about predators without the whole program.

Kids feel rudderless, with no hope for the future and some end up committing suicide. Secularism is built on a house of cards that will never satisfy the longing of the human heart. It is a false hope.

When you reach the top, you ask is that all there is? Until we teach everyone is created in the image of God and precious to Him and until we treat each other that way, society will suffer immensely, individually and collectively.

Joe Prochazka
Had schools retained god in the classroom, children could have continued to be brought up believing in all manner of things such as: it's ok for ministers of the church to sexually abuse them; it's not cool for a child to tell an adult what a church minister does to them when no one is looking; it's not cool to question the authority of the church.

As a result, children grow up to accept rather than question. They grow into adults who are ripe for exploitation by the church so that the church becomes wealthy at the expense of gullible adults.

Not only are those same adults exploited by a corrupt church, they are exploited by: Pay Day lenders charging obscene rates to borrow money; corrupt politicians wishing to use them to do their bidding.

Rather than accepting the reality that when you are dead, you are dead, believers in the babble believe that there is a life beyond the grave, thus wasting the only life they will ever have.

Yeh, let's keep god in schools, why don't we.

Kate Smurthwaite once stated, on the BBC, 'I don't believe in god because I'm not an idiot'. She then smiled one of her smiles. That Sunday, Kate said all that was needed to be said about christards and christardology.

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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