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Yes and my secretary told me, and I have also read that Catholic Charities gives one of the larges sums of money to charity in the world. No link but I've read it before.

Obviously, when you give money to the Church not only for upkeep you are helping fund the charities the Church is involved with.


All joking apart, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

I expect this low-level shit off that stupid twat android but I expect better of you.

The above comment was so easy to trash, it was ridiculous. jeebus, even you could have trashed it with ease and comfort. Come on, jerrypong, step up to the mark properly. Let's get some high-quality shit from you. Come on, man, this is child's play.

Now, get a grip and get that mind of yours back on course.

You are disappointing me and, you know what, this isn't you.

You OK?

Seriously, you OK?
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