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On the contrary, any human (Humanist or otherwise) who does not suffer from some form of profound mental or social impairment is also an innate consequentialist therefore sequelae abound for anyone with even basic empathy and a social conscience.

whereas a non-religious human being with empathy and a social conscience is likely to seek forgiveness only in the real world from the person who was wronged.

Your response seems like a slimy way of trying really hard to say that "oh yes, we're just like you, only better," .
From your reply I still don't see how an Atheist Humanist has a one up ethically on a Religious Humanist?

Religious folk can also be "innate consequentialists."

Religious folk can also apologize and make amends to the person wronged (and not just to God).

Do you have any proof or evidence that religious folk are less likely to apologize and make amends to those he / she has wronged on earth, vs. an Atheist humanist?. I know you didn't explicitly make this claim, but that is nonetheless clearly what you are implying.

Or are you just talking out of your ass?
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