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If you hope that the existence of God is not true, than it would seem you are just a very tiny wee bit worried that God may be true. Why is that?
Where did I say I hope God isn't real? I stated that the question is absurd and of no difference to me hoping there is a Father Christmas to cut my Christmas spending down. Or hope that in 500 years a man frozen in space returns to Earth to live in a time that is not his own, Biddy Biddy Biddy. Why hope there is a God? What God would I hope for? Would my hope God be the same as yours? Should I also hope Unicorns exist? Hoping there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow serves what purpose? Atheists do not believe in a God. Trying to muddy that water just gets your knickers dirty.

A theist is just an atheist with a space in it.
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