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I am JOA, and I am happy to be here.

Sam Harris says we do not need a word for non golfer.
And people who don't collect stamps aren't called Aphilatelists.

He also says the word atheist is over used since we know there is no god, so raving about nothing is not needed.
The religious are well versed in the psychological ploy of labelling.

I feel that as long as religion is being force on us we need to RAVE.
Opposing voices are needed, ineffective as they are against forces nourished by tax exemption and media bias, and the laughable notion of "freedom of religion", i.e. the right to be deceived.

Religious people are just brainwashed,
They are gullible, lazy, stupid amd arrogant. A huge leap of gullibility is required to profess belief in talking snakes and donkeys, floating iron axeheads, virgin births, and human procreation with non-material beings. Too lazy and arrogant to engage in even a modest amount of critical thinking. Faith is arrogance personified.
There is no more dangerous combination than stupidity and ignorance combined with arrogance. It leads to such things as decapitations for witchcraft as practised by the Saudis. Incredible stone age savagery in the 21st century! The favourite entertainment of the religious is killing, the younger the victim, the better.

but many of us were shown the way out of the yoke of being a slave to an invisible sky daddy by someone else who escaped it.
Who showed you? I doubted from the very first exposure to relious BS. Being shown it was crapola was courtesy of the many atheist authors, found by my own research efforts, inspired by media coverage of Madalyn O'Hair, rather then personal contact. AAMOF various attempts at local atheist organisations have been abject failures.

We must show the way when we can without fighting or getting on their level when they get angry in circular arguments when they accept they cannot prove there is a god.
They just employ the usual fallacy and demand we disprove God.

Use foolproof airtight logic on a mind that's closed and you're dead. - William J. Reilly, Opening Closed Minds
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