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I have spent 30 plus year trying to understand why anyone with critical thinking skills would drinks the Kool-Aide.
I have read many post here and was sorry to hear the original site sold out to religious nuts. I cannot understand this, but I did notice that the parody site Landover Baptist has been taken over by some of these sheep. I made a few points there about how much I enjoyed having a chance to debate Christians and was banned, after being called a variety of silly childish names.
I see that most of the people here have covered the bases and much of what I could share has already been said. I hope to hang around for educational reasons. I have read all the Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennet, Harris, Myers, books and too many more to mention. Youtube is loaded with debates, but fififi . I am on my fourth kindle, and my cloud is loaded with everyone I can find who has a god bashing book. I just finished Freud's book, The Future Of An Illusion, for the third time, and he said that religion will not go away as long as people are afraid to die. I know Hitchens spoke about this book several times.
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