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snax wrote
Atheists could grow some balls and open their minds to new ideas for a change.
I would be pleasantly horrified if any of your god-whalloping fraternity hauled their booger laden noses from their crusty buybulls and ventured further afield - just for a change.
snax wrote
I have grown in my knowledge and understanding of the universe quite a bit in the last decade.
Yes, I've just had a good chortle at your introductary nonsense and misappropriation of basic terminology to stir some shit.
You've progressed to sounding like Deepak Chopra - something to be really proud of.
snax wrote
You all so far sound exactly the same.
errm, pots & kettles?
snax wrote
I have atheists to thank for starting me on a better path, but I've grown beyond you now.
Yet here you are ..... again, still trying to hammer the round peg of reality into your squared off asshole, whilst continuing to sound like a real sawn-off christard.
Have you considered the option of fucking off?

Stop the Holy See men!
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