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calpurnpiso wrote
Evil_Mage_Ra wrote
Eva wrote
that's a JET, peep, and JET's are a registered trademark by our very own gotta pay him royalties now.
No, it's a GET, as in "You still think the world is flat?!? GET outta town!"
Well a GET is the key to the JET. If the GET has no effect it means the person has FAILED his/her claim that the invisible friend Jesus is real, saves and matters!
After the JET has been taken, the person has been attracted by gravity to the pavement, JEsus failing to stop it and his/her skull has been cracked the second time, like a pot, exposing the faulty schizophrenia infected neurons, the jurors witnessing the test can say: GET, GET,GET up. If the person fails to get up, this proves they are delusional and Jesus doesn't exist :)
If they don't get up because their brains are splattered, they are no longer delusional. It is a drastic, but effective cure.

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
"Atheism: rejecting all absurdity." S.H.
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