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Well, for starters, a reasonably comprehensible description of this alleged entity might help.

What the hell is it? Of what is it composed? How are human beings, bound by the natural world, supposed to apprehend something that is allegedly supernatural and outside of the only realm we can access? How, exactly, does it operate?

Once we've pinned down what an actual "God" is supposed to be, a coherent presentation of some concrete evidence of this alleged thing's existence would be the next step towards moving from speculation to actual knowledge.

Apparently. It implies to me that we don't know. What does it imply to you?
To begin with i think that God is as comprehensible to us, as quantum physics or relativity would have been to ancient cavemen.

Seen in the above light some attributes of God as i see it:
-non physical (spiritual, higher dimentional)
-omniscient as far as humans and the universe are concerned
-incomprehensible (see above)

Some things are difficult to pin down scientifically for example:
What the is love ? What is it composed of ? In what unit does science measure it ? How does science detect it ? What evidence is there that it exist ?
Does good exist ? Does evil exist ? Why ?
Is jealousy a green monster ? Can you show me a piece of jealousy so i can believe in it ?

I don't trust science to be capable of detecting everything...

In the absence of absolute knowledge/evidence it seems you are inclined to believe God does not exist until science ((if it's capable) proofs otherwise, i'm inclined to believe God exists until science (if it's capable) proofs otherwise.
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