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The universe exhibits characteristics of having been intentionally designed and having been fine-tuned for life.
A. Can Lily tell us the characteristics the universe should exhibit if it were not intentionally designed? I'm betting no. I'm betting the only universe she's ever heard of is the one we are in right now.

B. Fine-tuned for life? She really means fine-tuned for humans, doesn't she? And yet well over 99.99999999999 percent of the universe is completely uninhabitable. Even here on our lucky planet, it took four and a half billion years for humanity to appear, and even if we manage to live through the coming ice ages, wars, and other calamities, the sun is going to destroy us in a few more billion years.

Lily really does much better when she is playing inscrutable. Once she trots out her "evidence," it's just the same tired confused theist baloney.

Reality is not a belief. We do not take it on faith, it confirms itself whenever we see physics, chemistry, biology etc. working as predicted by their various empirically obtained rules. - Sternwallow
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