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Egor wrote View Post
This isn't something you can comprehend. You think the mind is material. You think it is generated by the brain. You are wrong. This can be shown.
I'm intrigued by your comment here Egor since in a previous post you claimed that what you claim is atheistic materialism / physicalism is unfalsifiable. Are you saying the what appear to perceive as dualism IS falsifiable / testable?

Egor wrote View Post
I went to hell last night, in fact, during an astral travel. Kind of a cruise ship tour. Anytime you would like me to tell you about your future home, be sure to let me know.
If you are able to "astral travel", why did you go to "hell" of all places?

I've read the buybull so I'm familiar with all the usual stuff but do tell. I'm interested in the finer details.

Invisibility and nothingness look an awful lot alike.
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