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vrang wrote
I find the character Lucifer(the light bringer), kind of facinating. If I look at the christian god as a tyrann, who even thoug he doesnt exist limit the mind and ways of many a christian, moslem and jew.
Well I was a christian for some years. My kind of christianity was a wery supressing one, giving me hell.
Now as Im throug with christianity(yes, I got sane), I hate god, even though he does not exist. In this context, I have sort of started viewing Lucifer as a symbol against god`s oppresion. But wery litle is to be foun on the web about lucifer, so I figured maybe some of you atheist knew somthing. Did Lucifer turn into Satan? does the bible actually cover this subject, or is it just christian mythology. I know there are a few luciferian orders, but as most occult organisations, there are much secresy. So Im just wondering, any info would be great. Thanks! Im not a beliver, just facinated by mythology...
How true!! Lucem Ferram....the name the Romans gave to venus..the bringer of light. Hmmm..venus was so envious of the Sun ( god), as Set (where the word Satan comes from) the brother of Osiris, which was also a solar deity was envious of him.

There was one person that created all of this monotheistic delusional nonsense of a " father that is in "heaven" that wears the stars as a garment giving life to the fields etc etc. This man was Akhenaten ( pharoah of the 18 Dynasty- ca 1350 bce) Judaism and rest of ONE-GOD heavenly father insanity cults of Rome, Persia raise to Christianity and Islam originated with the THINKING of this man.

Tangible Evidence of this connection can be seen on the site of his capital city ( erased to the ground, as well as his reign, by his enemies) Akhentate today know as Tel el Amarna. The Hym to the Sun-God, discovered recently by archaeologists, is undoubtedly where the Jews and later Christians got their Sun-god from. This HYm to the sun-god (aka, Jaoweh, Jesus, et ) can be seen on the PSALM 104 of the Babble!

The observation of the solar system, volcanones, the four elements and ingestion of psychoactive substances contributed to the creation of God and religious beliefs.:)

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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