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Oo! Great ideas! Thanks!

Loggy: I have been looking at the passive solar homes. You're right...I don't want to be an engineer (no offense to those of you out there), I am a techno-phobe and have no technical background (yeah, linguistics-type background), and a lot of the stuff I see has these kind of slipped-in references for vents and things that I won't want to bother with. I still would need power for the appliances, jacuzzi and pool. The conservatory will definitely be passive solar, as the size to accomodate the lap pool would otherwise be too expensive.

Location will be the eastern half of Oregon. Lots of sun, moderately temperate. Not too bad.

I've been looking at designs that put a significant portion of the structure under ground. So I'm thinking Hobbit House, in the side of a hill. Grow flowers on it and stuff :D

My biggest hangup at this juncture is that I can't be shelling out beaucoup bucks just to see some plans to narrow the field before committing. Gas prices are cutting into my Boone's Farm budget. A girl has to prioritize!

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