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Mog wrote
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If you think mathematics would only be different in notation, try to unscramble an APL program. APL was the most mathematically-based language of its time. What, for instance would you make of "|/M" (modulus reduction of arbitrarily dimensioned structure M along its first coordinate).

Your ordinary alien has four fingers on one hand, six on another and three on the third. There are three hands on each of five arms so our creature uses a mixed-radix system which, good luck deciphering from their notation which is expressed in interfering wavefronts of infra-sonic sound impinging on plates with sand sprinkled on them. Lovely patterns, by the way. I can see them when I take off my tinfoil yarmulka.
I'm not sure it matters how complicated their bodies and senses are. The important thing is if they would come up with or at least recognize the binary number system. I think the occurrence of dualism in nature requires it.
I think that mathematics can take many forms both in notation and concept. Your aliens may have based all of their math on the "Yes, No, Maybe" of Fuzzy logic. And while we certainly can understand fuzzy logic concepts and operation, we might well not be able to recognize it under an alien representation system.

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