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Tenspace wrote
Philboid Studge wrote
I am thankful to find that the molecular divide between crab and spider is long and deep. I wasn't about to give up tasty crab legs in a nod to my arachnophobia.
Unfortunately for me, I got to about where you are now -- concestor 26ish? -- before I had to return to library (I'd already renewed it twice, the limit). Which is too bad, because I knew that fungi were coming up. I'll have to take it out again soon...
Yeah, that's where I am.

I stopped getting non-fiction books at the library because I ended up with an empty reference shelf. Now, I'm buy all the science books so I have something to refute Salty with. :)
All you need to refute Salty is a $5 pocket dictionary.

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
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