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Tenspace wrote
I think it's just around the corner. I've made it to the protostomes, annelid worms, molluscs, arthropods, etc.

I am thankful to find that the molecular divide between crab and spider is long and deep. I wasn't about to give up tasty crab legs in a nod to my arachnophobia.
Did you ever see the special on PBS where the Yanomamo guy in the Amazon trapped a tarantula with his little homemade noose, wrapped it in leaves, baked and ate it, and then picked his teeth with the fangs? Awesome! Though I would not be able to do it. (The fangs are actually quite soft, like cartilage) :D
Too bad fetuses don't have fangs. ;)
fetus says, "So, you wanta scrape my ass out of here, huh?" Comes out shreddin'. :o:o
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