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anon wrote
Cal, I understand that you alone equate persons having religious beliefs to having a psychosis, and that MOST posters on this board and in the threads on this board, do NOT agree with your proposition. I certainly do NOT. Neither would the judges in American law courts, state or federal courts.

Whether a person has a psychosis, is a subject that calls for expert opinion and usually a psychiatrist but at times a licensed clinical psychologist. If you refer to the two links, one of them deals with the expert testimony given by a licensed clinical psychologist in a court room.
I ALONE? You do not read much do you?.The ACCEPTANCE of a delusion ( from where ALL religious beliefs get their dogma) as if it was REAL is symptom of MENTAL ILLNESS!!. This has NOTHING to do with the legal system of ANY COUNTRY on this planet. Legal system and neurology are separate things. If you accept an invisible friend as REAL and you are not 5 years old you are MENTALLY ILL, suffering from either schizophrenia, TLE or dementia. I must reminds you the vast majority of neurological disorders are IDIOPATHIC ( the cause is unkown). In the moment neurologist find the pathogen that causes religious-psychosis, the Christ-psychotics in the US are going to be treated LIKE ANY other mentally ill person. i,e Hitler, Jones, Koresh, Doe, Andrea Yates, Paul Hill, Eric Rudolph etc etc etc. Andrea Yates is a classical example of what Christ-pschosis can do.

....And the INCOMPETENT retards so called psychiatrists diagnosed her religious psychosis as Post Partum Depression!! What about her BELIEVE in an invisible friend JESUS responsible for her SENDING ( drowning ) her 5, not one, FIVE, of her children to 'see" him and leave this satanic earth?..and this is "post partum depression?..what about Doe and Koresh did they have PPD also?...:lol:...and PHELPS? you think he is mentally healthy? Who is this insane man and his insane family's invisible friend? Isn't is JESUS? Remember there are HUNDREDS of examples, and the difference between the Christ -psychotics and the chizophrenia sufferes is the TYPE of invisible friends they have!!:lol:....remember, the angel Moroni, the Holy Spirit, the Eagle Great Spirit of the Navajo, the UFO brain implants, the Jesus that saves with blood are ALL DELUSIONS. Aren't DISEASED brains those able to produced them?

if the show fits....Here, get educated..and this article is from NEUROLOGISTS.

The brain make uswhat we are and when it gets SICK it ACCEPTS religious fantasies as if they were truly real. Deal with it. I suggest you study neurology and read:

"What's Thought" by Eric Braum (2004) "The Quest for Consciousness" a neurobiological approach, by Christoff Koch (2004) "The Astonishing Hypothesis " the scientific search for the soul, by Francis Crick (1994) then read about the JERUSALEM SYNDROME. A form of CHirst-psychosis discovered by Dr Yair Bar-El. It happens in Jerusalem ( The City of Nuts )

You have a LOT to learn. Hmm..infected with Christ-psychosis perhaps which produces such distorted thinking?..Do you hear advis from t he invisible friend Jesus? you see him? Does the Babble become alive while you are dreaming?
Do you have deep faith in invisible friends and supernatural phenomenae? you believe in ghosts?....those could be signs of a chemical imbalance precursor of full blown christ-psychosis ( Jones, Yates, Koresh etc)

An schizophrenic brain ( shown) and one infected with Christ-psychosis, light up in very similar areas...:)

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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