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Guess you're off the hook, Scat.

Anon, I do not know if you are aware that there are several peer-reviewed papers and researched articles from the medical community which deal with religion as a psychosis. I don't have much time to research for you, but here's a start:

"Spiritual Experience or Religious Psychosis", P. Chadwick, Birkbeck College Faculty, University of London (26 Apr 2000)
"Educating Sufferers of Religous Psychosis", B. Bamber, Mental Health Nursing (Nov 2003)
"Frequency and severity of religious delusions in Christian patients with psychosis", Medline (1998)
"Serial Killers: Albert Fish", University of Florida, H. Rawlins (2005)
"Religious experiences in epileptic patients with a focus on ictus-related episodes", Medline(1996)

I'm sure you can find more information on the internet. Like I said, this was a quick search.

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