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anon wrote
Tenspace, I do NOT know if you are aware of the statistics of mentally ill patients generally in any place. If you LOOK that up, you will find the number or percentage is not too insignificant. Bear that in mind, and bear also in mind, the psychosis can involve any form of "little green men" or ANYTHING.
Before we go any further, would you please list your credentials?

I have yet to see any poster come out here and say forthrightly that they agree that a person having religious belief is having psychosis. I was informed that MOST posters here on Raging Atheist do NOT agree with ONE poster who always equates believers with being psychotic. That is most posters here do NOT equate believers with being psychotic.
I personally don't always agree with Cal. However, I am not going to silence him because you disagree with his posts. The day Cal starts to claim that he is a medical doctor is the day that I'll have a serious talk with him about it.

But you don't see that, do you? You could just look at it as his rant, and don't take it so personally.

Maybe TheJudge could fill you in on Cal. He went through much the same phase you're experiencing, albeit he went about it in a more professional manner.

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