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Following Prof. C's post about creationist mathematics, I somehow stumbled across this little gem (must of been some wierd cosmic forces or jeebus or something). Anyway I present to you the "Expanding Earth Controversy." (Wiki info on this wacky theory).

This is a longish vid (about 10 mins) and others can be found here at the "scientific" part of Neal Adams's web-shite.

Does have some cool pics though:

Other gems from elsewhere on this site include:
"I'm going to try a mind meld with YOU on my science project cause I can't believe I'm such a miserable communicator. (If I were you I'd be on this like a fly on dung.)"...

..."For example, India they say 'broke off' of Africa and 'floated' across the Indian Ocean, to 'crash' into Asia. "Crash into Asia?" They say this stupid thing! Stupid-stupid-stupid hel-lo stupid! Do you believe this?"...

And my favourite: Cereal props to demonstrate tectonic movement and scientific lies!

..."Now get gravel from the driveway or cheerios or frosted flakes. And sprinkle them around the books about a half inch deep so the books sit within them. The gravel or cereal is the ocean floor. The books are continents. The smallest book is India, say. Now push India toward the other book. What happens to the ocean floor? Cheerios or basalt, it's the same thing people."

At least he's not a young Earth creationist I guess.

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