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This is quite an admission based on reasoned speculation I might add!

So, based only on only our single universe a "Higher Power" more than likely exists.

Was that so hard to admit???

And you didn't even include a multiverse in your determination.

Lets speculate a bit further -

If there is a Multiverse, then am I correct to say that the existence of an even more advanced species is likely?

If the Multiverse is infinite (infinite universes, infinite stuff, infinite chemistry sets) - then a really really really advanced species is likely??
I am not sure what you think was hard for me to admit?

All I am 'admitting' is that it is likely other advance beings exist in our universe.

They are NOT in any way god like, or supernatural. If they exist, they are every bit as natural occurring as humans are.

Again, even if a "really really really advanced species is likely" to exist in the multiverse, where does that get us?

Are you claiming that your god is nothing more than a really, really advanced, (naturally occurring) species mistaken for a supernatural god by primitive humans? Again, where are the supernatural attributes attributed to gods?

You sound like you are in ancient astronaut territory now.
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