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They are NOT in any way god like, or supernatural. If they exist, they are every bit as natural occurring as humans are.
I agree they are not "supernatural" - I don't really believe in this term - all that exists and all that really takes place in my world is natural.

But - But - But - how can you, with such certainty, declare they are in "now way God like"?????

To be "God Like" from our perspective, or from the perspective of a first century Jew - doesn't have to be all that great does it?? Change water into wine (simple molecular manipulation), cure the dead back to life (advanced medicine), walk on water (anti-gravity technology) etc.

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Again, even if a "really really really advanced species is likely" to exist in the multiverse, where does that get us?
I sense your discomfort here. I suppose you agree with the reasoned speculation that if a higher power likely exists in universes = (1), that there is even more chances for an even greater higher power to exists in universe = (>1). Its OK to say it.

Where does it get us?? Well - it gets us to a greater level of certainty that a higher power exists, and the realization that the more universes the more likely and more advanced the life form becomes.

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Are you claiming that your god is nothing more than a really, really advanced, (naturally occurring) species mistaken for a supernatural god by primitive humans? Again, where are the supernatural attributes attributed to gods?
YES YES YES - this has always been my position. See my other posts. I am not a typical Theist. My reasoned speculation on God is interestingly refuted by Theists, because I believe in some form of Evolution to explain the origin of God - evolution stemming from an infinitely old, and very very large, if not infinitely large Cosmos.

Shall we schedule you a baptism now Sir?
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