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You weren't making any 'ground'.

The only thing that would make 'ground' with me, is if you are able to support any of your speculations with demonstrable evidence and reasoned argument.

Until then, all you have is unsupported speculations. And if you want to base your beliefs on unsupported speculations, fine.

But don't expect those of us with a modicum of critical thinking skills go along with you.

I want to have as many true beliefs as possible, and as few false beliefs.

Please let me know, by what method should I use to determine if your speculations are likely to be true.
Well you did go along at first...

You were fine with speculating that Humans were more likely than not, NOT the most advanced species in our universe.

Only when I went bigger (multiverse - a common speculation of rationally minded atheists) with the suggestion that there was enormous potential for some really really really impressive life forms out there (an obvious conclusion - the bigger the cosmos, more likely to find more impressive life forms) that you shut down your speculative enquiry - BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE WHERE THE ENQUIRY WAS LEADING.

Speculative thinking is not irrational, and has value in finding truth in our real world.

If a miner has grounds for speculation there is Gold in those there hills rational people expend effort and go dig for it. If a medical researcher has grounds to speculate a certain drug or procedure may offer a cure, grant money gets procured and tests are done to find out. If a religious person has grounds to speculate a Higher Power may exist, its not unreasonable to go to Church and play Pascal's wager.

Its not a sin or backward to speculate.
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