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Only when I went bigger (multiverse - a common speculation of rationally minded atheists) with the suggestion that there was enormous potential for some really really really impressive life forms out there (an obvious conclusion - the bigger the cosmos, more likely to find more impressive life forms) that you shut down your speculative enquiry - BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE WHERE THE ENQUIRY WAS LEADING.
Oh please...

Don't flatter yourself thinking that you were making me uncomfortable

I never said that I have any problems speculating that the universe or multiverse may contain beings extremely more technologically advanced than humans.

I just would not put the "god" label on them. The phrase I would use is "extremely more technologically advanced" than humans.

But, just because I am fine speculating about such a civilization, does not mean I believe they exist.

As Hume once said, "the wise man proportions his beliefs to the evidence".

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