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I remember one day, I was in a city centre and saw a sky pilot pontificating. I knew he was a sky pilot because he was in his church garb.

A sky pilot in public is a rare thing these days and I wasn't about to waste the opportunity.

Sometimes, I lull christards into a false sense of security before delivering the coup de grace. This time, I went straight for the jugular and began carving the twat into little pieces.

No sooner had I started than his wife began beating up on me and demanded that I show her pissy husband the respect that she thought he deserved.

I told the old cunt that I had no respect for a man who wore a dress. Dresses were for us girls, not for men. I also pointed out that people who believed what christards believed needed to be locked up, not shown respect, for they were insane. I also pointed out that a member of a sect that had murdered as many people as they have doesn't deserve respect. In any case, I told the bitch, respect is earned, not demanded, and I didn't respond well to demands. I then told he that she was dismissed as she was unimportant. I then began to ignore her. That sent her into orbit. I guess that, in her social circles, she was never ignored and me, ignoring the bitch, was severely pissing her off.

You see, these sky pilots, and their wives for that matter, are surrounded by sycophants who lick their arses all day. I believe they like their asses being licked too so there may be a symbiotic relationship between the two.

When they come up against someone like me, they are totally fucked because they don't know what to do. They simply aren't used to being confronted in such a direct manner or even confronted at all. They fully expect people to believe their bollocks without question, which their sycophants do.

The more I pressed her husband and the more I ignored his bitch, the more agitated the bitch became.

The spectacle was a joy to behold. I can be a right cow at times and that day was one of those times.

Eventually, the ineffectual sky pilot realised that I'd got him by the short and curlies and wasn't about to let go any time soon. He also realised that he needed to muzzle his bitch lest she embarrass herself further so he suggested that they go off for a cup of tea and calm down.

I think he finally realised that people really had had enough of people of his kind and that christardology was on its way out. Once upon a time, what a sky pilot said was law. He was shocked that people were now no longer afraid to speak out and tell him, in no uncertain terms, what they thought of vhistardology and where he could shove it.

I really enjoyed that day. I was buzzing afterwards.

That day, I scored a big one for the good guys.
At this point, I think you are an absolute freak. This is your "high" making an ass in front of TWO people? Get some help friend. You are delusional.

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