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Brainwashed nutjob wrote
Point me to sources that document this.
I do understand how a little simple questioning research may be very difficult for one so cranially challenged, but Google is your friend and will give you dozens of responses to pore over.
Brainwashed nutjob wrote
If you can explain more clearly what you are talking about, I may be able to give an answer.
I suppose you find it difficult to question why this alleged all powerful, loving, benevolent gawd chooses to straighten some shoes in front of a selected audience of slack-jawed, mouth-breathing fools - whilst at the same time overseeing the deaths of millions of innocent children either through starvation or a wonderful array of beautifully crafted diseases.
Weird how he's also cheering for both sides as the bombs & bullets get flung around during regular humanoid slaughterfests.

Stop the Holy See men!
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