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That's probably the politest "fuck off you dense cunt" I've ever come across.
Yeah. It just got tedious. And he or she would have just taken their well-deserved flaming as religious persecution, just furthering their belief that the secular world is against them so that's just even more proof that gawd exists.

Even though it was he/she who started it -- coming here to troll with a dumb question and try to feel superior. Probably so they could brag to their bible study group that they stumped those poor, lost Gawdphobic atheists, and get kudos and sense of false pride for being such a fine and upstanding spiritual leader -- "if gawd is for me who can be against me" horseshit. Very Christlike behavior, for sure.

Instead, s/he got a number of really intelligent, complete and thoughtful responses to the dumb question. Yet instead of being able to comprehend the answers, s/he decided to play those reindeer games.

That the OP doesn't understand is that s/he and the hen have a shit ton in common besides just IQ and a heavy susceptibility to hypnosis.
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