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Until a news item came to my attention yesterday, I'd not heard of the term "spiritual abuse" but it seems that the problem is actually quite widespread.

Rather helpfully this bastion of christological fuckwittery defines it thus: "The term ‘spiritual abuse’ covers a wide variety of behaviours, but can be summarised as the use of spiritual authority or spiritual means in order to demean, manipulate, control or exploit someone." The incredibly sad thing is that they are so myopic that they do not see how this is about 80%-->90%+ of what the church as a whole is about.

How much longer will and how much more abuse of all kinds will it take I wonder until the scourge of religion finally dies out? It is simply not worth the suffering it imparts to so many.

Looking forward to more such abuse cases being brought and investigated. Please post here any that you may have found in the media. This could be yet another useful repository of evidence against the christers.
Does this mean that it's illegal for the two trolling fuckwits, that we are forced to endure, to troll us?

Does this mean that it's also illegal for christards to claim that we are going to hell if we don't subscribe to their bollocks?

Oh good morning Judge, how are you today?
(This was said in a sort of deci-litre way)
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