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hertz vanrental wrote View Post

Here's the thing.

You know why PM's are called PMs?, because they are PRIVATE.

You chose to divulge their contents to all and sundry. So be it.
You sent them to me unsolicited--they're not private. The mod is encouraging you to harass me with them. If they were at all relevant, I'd cut and paste them here in the forum. you know...PMs to me are not private.

I didn't want to debate with a nut job that could keel over any minute or go over the edge of sanity. I showed compassion. I gave you a debate win in public. Silly old me.
You're an idiot like your father Smelly.

I gave you the win, publically.

My best advice? Should have taken it.

Now, I'm gonna troll you to fuck and back.

If I want to PM you, I'll do that too.

Every time you post, I'm gonna post.
Of course you will. You're a weak personality; that's why you're narcissistic. I'm a strong personality, so I'm now your sun, and you're my planet. Trust me, Hertz, it's been like this for me, in these forums, for decades.

The Judge wrote View Post
It's fine, I'll do the donkey work, you just sit back and relax
As for me, I'm going to talk about these things in my other post.

EVERYONE: Egor has left this building. He won't be responding in this post any longer.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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